About Us

Since 500 B.C., the benefits that olive oil have on the body have been widely known.

The advantages however, are not just limited to inside the body. Olive oil soap can also be healthful to the skin. Rich in vitamin E and beta carotene, as well as being an antioxidant, it stimulates new cell generation, slows the progression of wrinkles, and gives skin a youthful look. Extremely mild, it also helps people with a variety of skin conditions.  

Located in a small town in Ontario, we source many of our ingredients locally, taking advantage of the area's rich history in agriculture. Look for our products in health conscience stores and farmers markets throughout Ontario.

Beyond the physical benefits our ingredients are said to offer, they are also meant to sooth both mind and spirit with their relaxing scents.

With all of this in mind, we have crafted our handmade soaps with the highest quality organic and natural oils, organic and natural plant extracts, herbs, milks and essential oils.